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Echoes Of Angels (E.O.A) is a symphonic metal band from Los Angeles. It is formed in 2016 by guitarist Billy Sun and bassist Riko Cheung. The band name comes from the idea of drummer Dominic Jordan Paja-Case. It stands for fighting for the light in the darkness. The lyrics of songs are written by lead vocals Caris Zhu. Most of the song inspiration in their first EP comes from the stories in the Holy Bible. E.O.A expresses the mission of FAITH, FEARLESSNESS, FREEDOM through their music, which combines the beautiful melody with powerful rhythm. The humanity, the insight of this material world, and the pure desire will be the main ideas in their unique music.

Current Members


Vocals: Caris Zhu


Guitars: Riko Cheung


Drums: Dominic Paja-Case

IMG_6731 2.jpg

Bass: Nikolay Shikunov

Guitars: Billy Sun

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